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Raptor Hot-end® Watercooled

Hot-end with housing for liquid cooling

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Temperature sensor
Extended cables

RAPTOR is the result of our efforts and years of research. This hot-end combines the best possible features to deliver the best possible result.


Versatility. All-metal design. Super fast and easy maintenance. Temperature up to 500 ° C. Unique patented thermal shielding. Lower energy consumption. Precision copper nozzle with a special surface coating. Compatible with major well-known 3D printers such as Prusa and others.


It is offered with the most commonly used temperature sensor NTC 100k Semitec 104GT2 which is compatible with most printers without changing the FW. Recommended use is up to 260 ° C. For more demanding users, we offer the PT1000 sensor, which can handle temperatures up to 500 ° C, but requires modification of the printer firmware. For the PT1000 sensor, it is recommended to change the resistor on the board from 4k7 to 1k, but this is not necessary.


In the download menu, you will find a database of mounts that you can print for some printer types.


The product is not a stand-alone component. Requires professional installation.

Weight: 45 g
Max temperature: 550°C