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THUNDER extruder

Direct-Drive Extruder THUNDER is coming up from RAPTOR hot-end and connecting the best from RAPTOR Hot-end's features and the absolutely different approach in extrusion control. We consider this extruder as an important milestone in Direct & Dual-Drive extruder designs.


THUNDER Extruder offers exceptionally low weight, support control over CAN-FD bus and Duet 3 CAN protocol plus standard step/dir (over CAN bus), compact size, super-easy cold maintenance and heating up to 500°C.


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Low weight = faster
Super-light motor and heat element

Low weight = faster

The innovation hustle in 3D printing community and industrial progress led us to think different.

ThunderHead offers different extrusion control secured by BLDC motor. This motor is unlike stepper motor much lighter while providing awesome torque and power.

The bottom part is coming up from patented heat element, RAPTOR Hot-end, extended by the custom aluminium heatsink. The whole weight is around 120 grams which is 2-4x less than other direct&dual-drive extruders

Super-fast and easy Cold Maintenance
Fast maintenance, nozzle swap and safety

Super-fast and easy Cold Maintenance

Maintenance has never been easier! Now you can easily remove the nozzle without pre-heating the whole extruder! Changing in seconds, at a room temperature, with no burn risks.

Melted and baked material leftovers on the nozzle removed smoothly in a seconds. This all thanks to the surface coating (and many more). Easy, fast and safe.

Unique nozzle with integrated heatbreak
No material leakage, special surface coating

Unique nozzle with integrated heatbreak

Whole nozzle consists of Copper part (nozzle itself), stainless steel alloy tube with thickness ~0.15mm (as a heatbreak), and high-thermal conductive Aluminium. This combination significantly (3x more than standard heatbreaks) limiting thermal transfers to heatsink and preventing material leakage. Patented!

Surface coating grants perfect wear-resistance and material sliding. Melt zone is one coherent piece 13,5mm long!

Better printing & precise measuring
Uniform melting, precise temp sensing

Better printing & precise measuring

During the core design, we decided to locate the thermocouple probe directly next to the heating ring. The result is maximum preciseness in a temperature sensing & control leading to the stable printing process.

We use only the high quality high-temp thermocouples with glass fibre insulation and Molex Microfit 3.0 connector.

Unique circular shape ceramic heating element grants absolutely uniform melting and thus better overall printing results.