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The PROTOPRINT nozzle is based on the common length of nozzles you use, but significantly improved. Absolutely accurate and precise nozzles are made in the Czech Republic from durable copper alloy, which is then provided with special surface treatments to achieve maximum quality.


After production, the copper nozzles are carefully inspected and taken to further processing in the form of an industrial nickel-plating bath, where the pores of the material are closed. As a final step, a special type of DLC coating is applied in an inert environment which guarantees perfect slip, easy maintenance and prolongs the life of the component.


The production process is carried out from the beginning to the end in the Czech Republic and each phase takes place in a different production or industrial plant due to the complexity of processes and surface applications. The result is first-class quality.

Weight: 4 g
Max temperature: 500°C
Material: Copper Alloy (~330 W/mK)
Coating hardness: >5000 HV (>9,5Mohs)
Friction coefficient: 0,06 - 0,08
: 3 types