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Take 3D printing to the next level

Surface coating

Special double coating guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and excellent lubricity. Baked material can be easily removed.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the patent-pending solution, nozzle replacement and maintenance is a breeze. The construction also prevents internal material leakage.

Construction and materials

We use the highest quality materials for our products, incl. those in the space industry. Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

RAPTOR Hot-end®

PROTOPRINT's RAPTOR Hot-end® brings to the realm of FDM 3D Printing exceptional maintenance features, performance, stability, lower power consumption and the possibility to print even the most demanding professional materials.

Durablack Nozzle


Universal nozzle with M6 thread and also the spare nozzles for RAPTOR Hotends. Precise nozzles with special double coating granting extreme hardness, perfect slideability, easy maintenance and maximum durability.


THUNDER extruder

THUNDER Direct-Drive extruder is a unique extruder with super-precise filament extrusion and outstandingly low weight. It's a connection of the best RAPTOR Hot-end's features, low-weight motor and custom made heat-sink.



Meet the exceptional industrial 3D printing pellet extruder for large volume 3D printing. This huge and powerful extruder can melt tens of kilograms of the material per hour. Large calibre in every aspect.


Spare & Accessories

Variety of spare parts for your 3D printing. Spare thermocouples, screws, silicone sleeve and other.